Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Paul Magazine: 2011 Holiday Issue

I was contacted a while back through my Etsy shop by the editor of Sweet Paul Magazine requesting some information on one of my toys for the upcoming Holiday issue. I sent the info right away but tried to keep a bit reserved about it just in case. Well I received a blog update email from one of my favorites, Design Sponge, and there it was...a mention of the Sweet Paul Holiday 2011 issue being out. I held my breath, clicked the link and scrolled through the contents. "Woof" section, could it be? Could it really be? Yep, there is was on page 49... Wags and Wiggles Doxie Dog Toy!

I am in love with this magazine (no, not just because I was included!). The photos, the recipes, the articles, they are all so intoxicating I have read the digital versions of the past issues sometimes more than once. I am so honored that one of Wags and Wiggles toys was included in one of my new favorite magazines, Thank you Sweet Paul!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthdays... At least we don't count them in dog years.


Today is my birthday....if you know me you know that just saying those words are so out of character.  For as long as I can remember I have not wanted a big deal made of my birthday, I always want the event to be ignored and November 16th to begin.  As I lay awake last night dreading the clock turning 12:00am because this would mean another year of my life has passed and I would have to add a "+1" to my already large age number, I thought..."not this year!"

I started thinking of all the life experiences and accomplishments of all the years that have passed and thought it is really not right to push those moments, or the ones to come for that matter, aside with my head hung low.  This year is different I am going to embrace the life past, present and future with my head held high.  Yeah, sure that head has gray hair and a face with cracks and creases that use to only be seen when I was super close to the bathroom mirror but now can be seen from across the room, but that head is also filled with so many memories and life experiences from the past forty-t(cough, cough) years that I would not trade for anything.

At the very least I will take joy in the fact that I am not a dog, because if I was my age today would be ....181. Wow, there would be no way to make that number sound good.  :0)

Here's to embracing our age and all the stuff (good and not so good) that comes with it!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LaunchHer Gift Guide Is Out!

I just love what LaunchHer is doing for us women entrepreneurs. It is such a great company that truly cares and helps promote women who are striving to have a successful business while following our passions and dreams.

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of this fantastic Gift Guide and have really starting thinking about that  holiday gift giving list I need to start.  Since there are so many outstanding handmade products out there I think I will try to have my list consist of many of my fellow artisan peeps!  I am thinking some lovely smelling handmade soaps for my teenage boys...for those of you with teenage boys you know why I am leaning towards the lovely smelling soaps!

Enjoy the guide everyone!