Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm back....

Wow, what a crazy holiday season it was for me!  Wags and Wiggles sales were fantastic, I was very fortunate to participate in the GBK Productions Golden Globes Gift Lounge thanks to The Artisan Group, built a new sewing "studio" in a corner of my house, and enjoyed a fantastic holiday with the family!

Now on to 2012... I have been having such a great time designing some new toys for my Etsy shop, I hope everyone like them as much as I do. I promise to elaborate on the happenings of Wags and Wiggles/me more in future (and more often) with many exciting blog posts. First,  I need to meet my deadline of shipping off my Oscar Celebrity Swag Bag Gifts...yep, Wags and Wiggles is going to the Oscars!

More to come in 2012!


  1. Keep us posted on the Oscars, Shawna! Your work is awesome!!

    1. Planning on it...Thank you Alexis! :0)

  2. Hi Shawna. It looks like you have a lot of fun with these toys. Good on you! Visiting from TAG.