Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can Lightning Strike Twice?

As part of The Artisan Group, I am given many opportunities to gift celebrities Wags and Wiggles items.  The members are chosen for participating in these special gift bags using a lottery type format, members submit their names and winners are drawn at random. I can tell you I have not had the best of luck with lotteries, I can show you the bizillion paper receipts that didn't turn into any life changing moments for me.  So you have to understand I was completely floored when I saw that my name was drawn for gifting the Cruise, that is Tom Cruise, Family! The gifts are a surprise so please don't let it slip if you are ever to talk to Tom, Katie or Suri... thanks.

Ok, so now on to the reason for the title of this post... Earlier this week I went ahead and threw my name into another Artisan Group Celebrity Gifting Lottery.  Really wanted to be chosen so badly for this one but thought "Come on Shawna, don't be greedy you got the Cruise's!".  Didn't even watch the drawing on Facebook today because figured there was no way.  Well.... it happened again! Yes, lightning can strike twice!! I am so excited to also be gifting Tori Spelling, blogger, reality tv star, crazy crafter, Martha Stewart want-a-be, huge supporter of handmade products/artisans, and animal lover.  Now I ask you, could this be a more perfect person to gift a Wags and Wiggles toy?

I have already decided to gift the Cruise Family a Pepperoni Pizza dog toy and  a Catnip Pizza cat toy.

The pressure of what to gift Tori Spelling is just too great right now, my head is whirling with ideas.  Maybe a Leash Bag with a silhouette of a chicken, goat, and dog on it? Maybe a special dog toy? Do I already have one listed in my shop that is special enough?  I am totally open for suggestions.  :0)



  1. Um...SQUEEEEEEEEE! I would be SO DARN excited! I think your leash bags are ridiculously cool and much more fashionable than the regular bag holders you see. You don't perchance make any chicken you?

  2. I know right? I think I will for sure do a Leash Bag... :)

  3. Congratulation to you ) Luck is on your side this month :) wish you many more luck! I'm the lucky one with Tori as well :)